Change is good so as they say, but it does come at a cost. Especially when it’s about the floors, it can cost one more than just money. And that is a situation to avoid. Flooring that is convenient is still an idea that is not widely known. The dust, the noise, the installation time, although unpleasant but have become the norm in conventional flooring.

Studio 69, a Bangalore based design studio offering a wide range of architectural and interior design services had to replace the flooring of an office space. Now standard procedures dictate the removal of existing flooring to give space to a new flooring. But Studio 69 believe in transforming the thoughts of their clients’ into innovative design concepts. We got a chance to chat up with Neha Manoj Kulkarni at Studio 69 to share her thoughts on the experience.

On asking about the various problems related to removal of existing flooring, she said “removal of the existing flooring is not only time consuming, but has adverse effects too depending on the surrounding environment. We wanted an innovative way in which we can change or replace the flooring without removing or changing the existing floor. And with that idea in mind we got introduced to Welspun Flooring.”

Among the various product ranges and collections, Carpet Tiles are the preferred option for Neha. “Carpet Tiles from Welspun Flooring are an innovation to begin with. They offer a wide range of flexibility in terms of design, laying patterns and the best of all, they can be laid on existing floors. That made it an instant hit with our ideas. The variety of options gave us a lot of ground to play with from multiple designs and mixing them up with unique laying patterns is an added benefit.”

The final look was better than expected. According to Neha, “not only did we get a much more vibrant floor as a result, but it was done seamlessly. Once the final plans were set, the installation took merely a few hours. And after the final layout was complete, we can surely say that carpet tiles are better than regular carpet in many ways. And we would love to explore more such options from Welspun Flooring.

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