Of all the precious things in life, time is one rare one. Fast is not only a measure of speed but now a desire of lifestyle too. The same idea transcended into Alaya farmhouse in Ooty.

Due to the natural weather conditions, the flooring was subjected to water seepage and contraction on the existing wooden flooring installed. The farm house receives a lot of guests and it is important that the existing flooring should be replaced at the earliest.

And that is why Senscape Architects were given the job to replace the floor at the farm house. Senscape Architects believes in the Vernacular design language and Welspun Flooring products were the perfect fit to that theme. We got the opportunity to talk to Shiva Kumar from Senscape on their overall experience.

This is what he had to say.

“As serene as Ooty is, its environment can affect the flooring depending on the type. We have known that wooden flooring is not a strong contender to withstand temperature and humidity changes, and water and wood do not go well. So this particular project required a replacement for the existing wooden floor that would not take the hits”

On asking about their views on Welspun Flooring, they were quite impressed to say the least. “Welspun Flooring with its Click N Lock and Carpet Tiles impressed us. We had used a combination of the 2 as a replacement of wooden flooring. It is stain resistant, scratch proof, does not shrink or bend under the natural changes of temperature and most importantly is a green rated product which is what the client was looking for. Even the carpet tiles fit very well in the overall design aesthetic and enhanced the floor even more. D

On asking about the mix and match of Click N Lock and Carpet Tiles, he said “the different laying patterns gave the feel that the floor had its own character. And most importantly, with this, all of the clients’ problems have been resolved.

Installation of the new flooring was another area of positive impression. “The change to the new flooring was quite an easy journey. The installation and the laying was completed in a short amount of time and so far the flooring has been performing well.”

Senscape Architects concluded with a positive outlook for Welspun Flooring. “In our experience, Welspun Flooring does look promising it surely is building up to the future of flooring.”

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