It is no surprise why health and hygiene is gaining a lot of importance in the modern world. People are becoming more health conscious and rightfully so. With an ever increasing pollution level, rising global temperatures coupling with our daily lives, paying attention to health and hygiene is critical today. And we certainly subscribe to that notion.

There are no institutions that take health and hygiene more seriously than hospitals. And Shenoy Hospital is no exception to that. A transition to an eco-friendly, non-pollutant flooring was necessary.

SD Designs, one of the premier companies in interior decorators and architects in Hyderabad was to provide a solution to their floors. SD Designs analyzed the floor space and their requirements. We had a one on one with Mr. Sanjay Gupta who is the Chief Designer of SD designs on his thoughts on the situation.

What was the initial challenge?
“With a wide array of products and brands to choose from, selecting the right product and providing the best solutions is critical.  One of the common options was wood but wooden floors come with their own problems of warping, bending, expansion and contraction. But with Welspun Floorings, Click N Lock tiles, it was a very good match for our requirements.”

What did you like about Welspun Flooring?
“Firstly, the installation took only a few hours to complete. Also the fact that these products are organic and environmentally friendly is much desired bonus. We are saving our mother nature by not using wood. And most importantly we did not face any problems of expansion, contraction and discoloration, what we would usually have with wooden flooring. Even the procurement of material was very effortless.”

What other products are you looking into?
We are looking into their Carpet Tiles and Greens (Artificial Grass) as well and they look very interesting. The overall journey has been quite seamless and we would be using more of their products in the future.

How would you recommend Welspun Flooring Products?
“I would definitely recommend WFL products for our upcoming projects. And our support is always with them.”

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