Tearing things apart to make way for new things. It is an expression that is often used indicating a change, or a new beginning. But sometimes, it is easier said than done. Or is it? We do not have to remove a particular entity to make space for new one. If we can find ways on how to introduce a new without disturbing the old.

This idea was in the mind of Architect Sandeep from Peopletech Infra who is from Hyderabad. An expert in renovation projects, he really liked the idea of how a flooring of a particular space can be changed without removing or changing the existing flooring. And he wanted to try it out in one of his renovation projects.

Sandeep shares his experience with us.

In his words, “I came across Welspun when I was working on one of my renovation projects. What happens very frequently in renovation projects is that the existing structure is changed and for many cases it is replaced. It could mean change or replacement of the floor, or ceiling, the walls and all sorts.”

Now obviously this process is not only costly but also time consuming. Sandeep has faced such challenges himself too. “Especially a few months before the festive season, we get a majority of requests to renovate a part of the house or the whole house in itself. And many of these projects come with a heft cost and a small timeline. One of the reasons why I wanted to go with Welspun Flooring products is that they can be laid on top of the existing floor thus reducing the cost, time and effort to remove the existing floor.”

He went on to say, “We had installed a combination of carpet tiles and Click N Lock tiles. It really added a new flavor as far as designing is concerned. The combination of soft and hard flooring coming together felt very seamless”

Along with this, there was another reason why he was confident in laying over the existing tile. “The thickness of the material is around 4 mm, and at such thickness, it can be laid without causing any vertical obstruction from doorways and wall edges. There is not much of a level difference basically, once the installation is done.”

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