Water is a necessity for us, but not that desirable when it comes to our flooring. Especially during the monsoon season, these issues are almost inevitable. Not to mention how a constant change in temperature throughout the year gives rise to warping, bending, expansion and contraction in different types of floors.

And these were just some of the type of problems that Innovatecture Architecture, one of our partner architecture firms had to overcome. Architect Ram Nivas, was on point in this. Water seeped wooden floors is not a new sight for him when he was shown the damped flooring at a residential project in Bangalore.

Ram let us in the whole experience.

“Water seepage into flooring is an age old problem. We have seen it numerous times, and there are ways to control it but not to stop it completely. Especially during the rains, the effects amplify and are often an unpleasant sight. In such cases a complete replacement of flooring is the standard solution.”

On asking what the possible solutions in such a situation are, Ram explained “a repair of the existing wooden flooring is surely a possibility. But that would not have solved the issues that the client is facing. And it is the most important factor for us that our clients’ problems are resolved.

But that wasn’t all, there were other wrinkles to iron out too. “Along with the above problems, a standard wooden pattern across the floor area was looking a bit monotonous for the client. And we completely agree. But multiple designs of such flooring is not only challenging but is difficult to maintain due to the different size structures making the already prominent issues even more evident.”

When did you get to know about Welspun Flooring? And what products interested you?
We got acquainted with Welspun Flooring Limited and its products during this process. One of their products, Carpet Tile did catch our eye and we wanted to explore those options more. These Carpet Tiles have designs that are fully customizable, there can be multiple designs installed with different dimensions, sizes and laying patterns.

What other advantages did you like?
“The multiple designs and laying patterns took care of the design element from the client. Along with that, the carpet tiles have no water seepage or drainage issues. They are stain and moisture resistant to begin with. The maintenance for carpet tiles is much lower when compared to conventional wooden flooring.”

Apart from the products, how was the experience otherwise?
“Considering that it is a residential property, the installation process was quite quick and easy. The entire floor space was installed in a day, and that is impressive to say the least. In the end the client got what they wanted, the look and feel of wooden flooring without its shortcomings.”

What do you feel about Welspun Flooring?
“Welspun Flooring is surely something special and we can see that through their products.

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