Convenience, what’s not to love about that. It’s one of the most sought after luxuries iin our lives and will always remain so. It is a reward of every update, every improvement and evey discovery of us as a species. Turning something complex and difficult into something easy and effortless is just a joy in life. Like how the process of changing floors is usually a long and tedious task. The process of vacating a space for a couple of days while the existing flooring is removed and a new flooring to be installed is a test of one’s patience.

And now with Welspun Flooring, all of these hassles are a thing of the past. Changing the flooring is as easy as can be. And to transcend that practice forward, we have partnered with FHD group, an architect and interior designing firm based out of Hyderabad who are into commercial and hospitality areas primarily. We got the opportunity chat up with Manik, a manager at the group to let us in his experience of Welspun Flooring.

What were your first impressions of Welspun Flooring?
We do all kinds of projects, from small scale bungalows, to whatever be the scale of the project. Our projects range from commercial, to corporate interiors and the hospitality segment. In our journey, we have come across a lot of brands in terms of flooring which is adding aesthetical value inside the buildings. Welspun is one of the striking brands that we have gone through recently. It is giving variety of products, like Click N Lock Tiles and they have carpet tiles, wall to wall carpets and they have artificial grass as well.

Which of our products caught your attention the most?     
All of these products are very good and easily usable. When I come to Click N Lock, it is a very thin material and can be used on any kind of surface. It can be used on existing flooring, can be used on any kind of atmosphere. When we compare it to wooden flooring, this is standing out because we do not have any expansions in it. It is a green product as well. Being very slim profile, it is helping us in existing building as well. And as a brand they have a buy back policy too. So if one is bored with a 5 or 6 year old flooring, they can replace with this with a minimum effort. The brand can buy back the product and give it a new finish.

Any other product that has also impressed you?
When it comes to carpet tiles, they are very customizable they have a very good range as well. They have 2 series, one is Origami and one is Wabi Sabi. These two are good in terms of design and in terms of laying patterns. If compared to any other brand they have a laborious process to go through and here with Welspun we didn’t find any such issues. So it is easily doable, whatever be the design they can produce it. The hospitality segment carpets are one of the good carpets I must say, as everything is inspired by nature. The patterns or the ethnic styles, so hospitality can go ethnic or contemporary or classical style as well.

Have you tried Greens?
The artificial grass, has a natural grass feel, is user friendly and is easily applicable on any surface which gives a natural effect when we lay it all together. It can be used on small balconies to the extent of open terrace. It’s a good product with no color fading.

How would you recommend Welspun Flooring?
As I said, Welspun is one of the striking brands that we have gone through recently & I would definitely recommend it.

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