We traditionally have don’t experiment with flooring. But when the idea to change the flooring with a combination of tiles so that the overall floor reflects a logo came forward to architect Abhishek Chopra from Education Design Architects India (EDA), it was too exciting to resist.

And that is when Abhishek was introduced to Welspun Flooring and its products. We got in a little conversation with him about his overall experience.

What was the initial problems regarding this project?
First of all the design required custom tile shaped and cuts. And that to triangular in design that could form a pattern overall. The idea is to put up a “Tangram” concept floor. That is a Chinese geometrical puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven pieces which can be arranged to make various other shapes. Not to mention that we had to use multiple shades and colors and mix them to form the pattern and the logo. Now we know that traditional wooden and marble flooring will not be able to justify this. So we had to look at other options.

How did Welspun Flooring solve the issue?
We also had to create those patterns in shapes of birds flocking up and down. These meant the flooring elements had to be customizable and then put in place. That is when we got introduced to Welspun Flooring, especially with their Click N Lock tiles. With these tiles, we can customize them in specific layout patterns allowing us to create unique designs. This allowed us to create the logo on the floor. Additionally we had mixed Carpet Tiles with the Click N Lock tiles to enhance the aesthetic of the floor overall.

How did Carpet Tile add to the floor?
Carpet Tiles with their many designs complimented the designs of the Click N Lock. This gave us the idea to use both of them in patterns that mimic the shapes of the birds. Both the products were easy to lay and once the layout had been decided, the installation was completed in a short amount of time.

How would you recommend Welspun Flooring?
The overall finish is really top notch. It is the next step in the future of design trends.

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