There is no greater joy than to see a happy client. And that is possible when the challenges faced by them is overcome. Customer is at the center of everything that we do and that same idea is followed by a lot of industries. Especially in industries where customer input is key for the completion of a project like the interior design industry.

With multiple creative ideas coming up from various ends, creating the perfect interior for the client is of the top priority. In such cases having a product that solves the clients multiple issues in one go is nothing short of a star performer. And our Click N Lock tiles are surely one of them according to Chitra, the head of D3 Interiors, an interior designing firm based out of Hyderabad, and is in the field of interior designing for the last 25 years.

We got into a conversation with Chitra who summarized her journey with Welspun Flooring.

In your experience, what are your key observations that you have observed with clients?
In many frequent discussions with my clients, I have noticed that clients do not prefer to use other flooring alternatives as compared to marble and tiles. They want to stick to marble and tiles and they do not want to experiment with new flooring. Because they believe that these are of low maintenance and do want to substitute them with carpet tiles or other products.

So what was your approach in this scenario?
So as a designer, after looking at numerous materials in the market, Welspun Flooring and its products seems to be one of the best materials to use. Be it any weather condition, these tiles are very easy to lay. The material I feel, is maintenance free, ecofriendly, termite resistant, water proof and fire resistant. This is especially important in our country because in India, tiles are known as to be a one-time investment and changing them over the years can be a difficult process. But with Welspun flooring, this is not an issue and it can easily be replaced and installed.

How different did you find our products?
Compared to the other flooring, Welspun Floorings Click N Lock tiles work on the mechanism of click n lock joints and does not require any glue or any adhesive. And for that specialization, this material can be reused and easily replaced. And also its eco-friendly nature, along with it being a hassle free installation product, is one of the many reasons our clients are satisfied.

What other benefits do you prefer about the Click N Lock tiles?
Along with it being maintenance free, its acoustic quality make it useful for home theatres, bar areas, commercial areas, also for boardrooms, meeting rooms and hospitals. One of the main reasons we can use this material because it is scratch free nature and that it is very apt for the Indian weather condition.

How has Welspun Flooring eased out your overall experience?
Often when we do renovation projects, the time is very limited and the client wants to finish this in the shortest period. And even then, sometimes when we do renovation, the client can change the entire house per say, but they are not ready to change the flooring. And as this material I feel is a very good option compared to marble, or other products. We can use it on top of the old floor. So in no time we can finish our job and give the new look for the client. And I think this material is revolutionary in the market and flooring industry and is a very good alternative for wooden and PVC Flooring.

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