Our floors don’t just have to endure the weight of our feet and our furniture, but also other materials like cables and pipes and the whole lot. Now they come with their own material properties and characteristics and it is important to ensure that these don’t wear out the floor in the long run.

This was one of the areas that had to be resolved at the Studio Creo Concepts at Bangalore where a LAN raceway had to be installed. Now LAN raceways are traditionally installed on the floor first before the laying of the actual floor. In multiple areas, the LAN raceways are installed beneath the floor to avoid any inconvenience to people. This meant that the flooring on top of the raceway has to be not only sturdy, but could be laid in multiple orientations to ensure the raceways are uninterrupted.

Sathis Desai, from Creo Conepts was in charge of ensuring a flooring is installed on the raceway that has to be sturdy and flexible in terms of laying orientation. Sathis let us in the whole experience.

What was the general concern in this project?
Installing LAN raceways on an existing floor meant we had to remove the floor and then lay the raceway. After the raceways were installed, the new floor would be laid on the raceway. So we needed a flooring option that would not wear against the raceway material, will be sturdy throughout, and also flexible in laying options to as to navigate around the intricate parts of the raceway.

How did Welspun Flooring solve the issue?
Welspun Flooring is a very good alternative for the existing wooden flooring. Their Click N Lock tiles were very easy to install, and due the Click and Lock system, we were able to lay it in different orientations. These tiles are wear resistant, flexible and light. They could easily bear our footfalls without causing any disruption to the LAN raceways beneath.

How do you feel about Welspun Flooring and its products?
These products are very easy to lay, are very sturdy and the look and feel is really nice. We were so impressed with the flooring to make our office a footwear free office after laying the office floor.


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